Title: Smart Trolley with Smart Billing
Year of Publication: 2017
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Systems (IJCS)
ISSN: 2394-1065
Series: Volume 04, Number 3, March 2017
Authors: Dr. V. Karpagam, S. Balapriya, G. Kalairubini, A. Kalaivani


Dr. V. Karpagam, S. Balapriya, G. Kalairubini, A. Kalaivani, "Smart Trolley with Smart Billing", In International Journal of Computer Systems (IJCS), pp: 55-58, Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2017. BibTeX

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Shopping mall is a place where people get their daily necessities. There has been an emerging demand for quick and easy payment of bills in shopping malls. In the current scenario, many models have been developed including interfaces, algorithms and hardware platforms to assist smart shopping. In this paper, we propose a model named Smart Trolley using ZigBee to automate the billing process in shopping. This system is based on detection of products, weight estimation and billing. This Smart Trolley includes the RFID reader, RFID tag, Load Cell, LCD, ZigBee, and Controller. Purchasing product information will be read through a RFID reader on smart trolley and it is displayed in LCD which is interfaced to the Controller. The Load cell is to estimate the weight of the product against the weight information registered in the processor memory. At the billing counter, the total bill will be transferred to main system by ZigBee module.


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Smart Trolley, ZigBee, RFID tag, RFID reader.