Title: The use of PIC Microcontrollers for Fault Classification of a Series Compensated Transmission Line
Year of Publication: 2015
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Systems (IJCS)
ISSN: 2394-1065
Series: Volume 2, Number 12
Authors: El Sayed M. Tag Eldin, Nivin Ghamry


El Sayed M. Tag Eldin, Nivin Ghamry, "The use of PIC Microcontrollers for Fault Classification of a Series Compensated Transmission Line", International Journal of Computer Systems (IJCS), 2(12), pp: 552-557, December 2015. BibTeX

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Microcontrollers have recently become an essential embedded system in protective devices used for medical and industrial instrument or other costly instrument which need to be saved from dangerous faults. This paper presents a PIC-microcontroller-based control approach for the protection of a three-phase power transmission line with series compensation. The microcontroller is programmed for detecting faults in the line and isolating the system or instrument connected to it through a digital relay which is interfaced to the microcontroller. Fault diagnosis is performed using wavelet transform and multi resolution analysis on the line currents at both ends. The directions and magnitudes of spikes of the obtained MRA wavelet coefficients are employed for fault detection. These information are fed to the microcontroller which includes a program for fault classification. The microcontroller accordingly sends a signal to the digital relay to trip the circuit and a signal to an LCD to display the type of fault that has occurred. The proposed protection scheme is simulated using Matlab Simulink. Matlab simulation results show that the scheme is able to detect all types of internal faults at different locations. The microcontroller used in this work is the high performance enhanced flash PIC18F4520 of microchip which has an on chip analog to digital converter peripheral. 'C' and assembly language programs are developed to control the function of the digital relay. MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is applied for the development of the proposed embedded applications employing PIC microcontroller.


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microcontroller, PIC, series compensated transmission lines, fault location, fault recognition discrete wavelet transforms.