Title: Cloud Security Countermeasures against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Year of Publication: 2015
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Systems (IJCS)
ISSN: 2394-1065
Series: Volume 2, Number 11
Authors: Priyanka Porwal, Ankit Kumar


Priyanka Porwal, Ankit Kumar, "Cloud Security Countermeasures against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks", International Journal of Computer Systems (IJCS), 2(11):494-499, November 2015. BibTeX

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Cloud Computing is a distributed scenario that centralizes server resources on a platform which is scalable as to provide on demand services. Cloud service providers (CSP’s) offer cloud platforms for their clients to use and generate their web services, much like internet service providers offer costumers high speed broadband to access the internet. As one of the very important security problems in the current Internet, is denial-of-service (DoS) attack for all time attempts the network as well as provide the solution to reduce the execution time over the network. The objective of this work is to provide security in cloud computing network. My proposed work uses cloud guard framework. This framework we use two types of filter one is traceback and another is hop-count filter which is implemented on the nodes to discontinue the victim from serving services to authenticated users. The proposed work will identify the attack over in the network. This filter will identify the malicious activity in the network. The proposed framework is implemented using OPNET MODELER & its results show its effectiveness.


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Cloud Computing, DDoS, Cloud Guard, Pop, Botnet, TCPack, UDP, Network Security.